This course is scheduled to be designed in the summer and taught and evaluated in Fall 2006.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis

Audience Analysis

  1. Primary audience is students. These students will come with different backgrounds and computer skills. These are the main differences I see:
    a. language—some will have ELL issues
    b. computer skills—new to online learning
    c. computer access—DSL vs. dial-up connections
    d. confidence level—both in their computer skills and their writing skills
    e. perception of online class
  2. Secondary Audience
    a. Other teachers
    b. Online course evaluation committee
    c. My own evaluators
    d. Guests

Purpose of site—to provide English 1301 instruction, collaborative opportunities and instructional support to students

  • i. Why is the site being developed? To deliver class online
    ii. What response do I want from the users of the site? Ease of use, clarity of information, variety of learning opportunities, good resource materials (because of the differences in users this is what I am most concerned about)
    iii. What specific needs does the site serve? Instructional, communication, support
    iv. GOALS (Objectives)
    1. describe purpose and objectives of course
    2. provide contact information
    3. provide instructional materials
    4. provide opportunities for collaborative work
    5. provide resource materials
    6. design pages using UDL principles*

Contextual Issues and Constraints—

  • i. Legal and ethical—
    1. provide legal disclaimers and copyright statements
    2. provide clear description of services
    ii. Cultural and social—
    1. foreign language translations (Spanish) of key information
    2. glossary?
    3. Cultural norms and values?
    iii. Usability and accessibility—
    1. test site using set of established accessibility guidelines for users with disabilities
    2. provide textual equivalents for audio and visual materials
    iv. Technical—
    1. develop site without the need for specialized viewers or software tools to maximize access to site


Blogger Rich said...

Good audience analysis. What you might do, too, is create a list of FAQs that you think your students will need, and generate quick scripts for them. You might make video-based FAQ tutorials (could use both English and Spanish for them, just with different voice overlays). So, you'd make the video, and then you'd make two sound recordings over it. That, alone, might help students who are native Spanish speakers develop their confidence in computer skills more quickly.

Might look at the existing course and teacher evaluation tools and begin to augment that if needed, and prepare reasoning for why each change is warranted for this new class. Should build in the evaluation survey through the site to collect that data more quickly, if your school will allow that. Our's doesn't.

Let's begin with the mission statement of the class at the state level and at the institutional level, and begin working that into goals and objectives.

Might look at the companion Web site to the text(s) your course will use and see what media content is available.

7:16 AM  
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