This course is scheduled to be designed in the summer and taught and evaluated in Fall 2006.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Unit 1 Plan--4 Weeks

Class Theme

Write to Learn to Write
reWrite to Learn to Write
Research to Learn to Read
reResearch to Learn to Read
Question to Learn to Learn
reQuestion to Learn to Learn

Unit 1--Your Identity as a Reader/Writer

Week 1--Intro to Course/Introduce Yourself

  • syllabus (text and video intro)
  • Class documents (class structure, units, portfolio, weekly reports)
  • Introduce Yourself memo--will also serve as diagnostic
  • Weekly Report
Week 2--Reading and Research

  • provide initital readings
  • Discussion--how does the article affect the way you think about yourself?
  • Discussion assessment criteria--text/audio
  • students research for one article
  • text/video instructions on researching using online databases
  • student write annotated biblio for their chosen article--summary/recommendation
  • video instructions for annotated biblio
  • Reflect on Week 1 based on readings/research
  • weekly report

Week 3--Collaboration/Reading/Discussion

  • students read summaries of articles peers selected/choose two articles based on summaries to read and comment on/what similar and/or different ideas do these articles provide
  • begin essay 1
  • Eval criteria for essay--collaborative
  • MLA format text/video instructions
  • Reflect on Week 2 and 1 based on this week
  • Weekly report-email

Week 4--Collaboration/Peer Review

  • Discuss Purpose, Audience, Forum--text/audio
  • Peer review guidelines--text/video/audio
  • students do two peer reviews
  • Reflect on Week 3, 2, 1 based on this week
  • Essay Due
  • Weekly report

Survey--What components did students find most helpful?

This is what I would like to do. I know that this structure and these activities relate to many goals. I was thinking about writing down the goals for each activity but after considering the complexity of these assignments, how they build on each other and how the students should be discovering something about their learning that I don't want to give everything up at the beginning. Letting them discover the importance of the assignments for themselves, what each of them considers important, is also something which the theory that I have been reading supports.

So what I am going to do is discuss the general goals and objectives for the course and then have them reflect on those in some of the weekly reports.

To make sure that I do not overload myself with all the grading, there will be some components which will be graded based on participation (especially something like the peer reviews). Everything in the course will be public, except the weekly reports, and some of the readings have suggested that this keeps the students "on their toes" and more responsible for the work they turn in especially when someone else is depending on it.


Blogger Rich said...

Might script out the video intro and other video examples. Will make the recording much easier.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

IM over content this week.


Rich Rice: morning
Janie Santoy: hi
Rich Rice: saw your first learning unit; looks good
Rich Rice: where did you get the class theme from?
Janie Santoy: a book called seeing and writing or something like that
Rich Rice: mcquade and mcquade
Janie Santoy: I ran across a very interesting course site several years old that used the book; so not the book itself
Rich Rice: great
Janie Santoy: just reworked for what I want to concentrate on
Janie Santoy: I thought it was a great way to add that affective quality
Rich Rice: that makes sense
Rich Rice: only thing I'd add here is you might script out whatever video support you want to do ahead of time
Rich Rice: I suppose some of the video instructions will be you reading the text instructions
Janie Santoy: yes, I have to work on those
Janie Santoy: Yes, and showing them how to navigate through the site
Rich Rice: I like the intro bits; the text and video intro will serve as a model for your students
Rich Rice: is the weekly report...?
Janie Santoy: a journal, learning log
Janie Santoy: asks students to take responsiblity for their own learning and participation
Janie Santoy: will count as participation, 20%
Rich Rice: Sounds good. How will they be assessed? When will they be due?
Rich Rice: that can be a lot of reading...
Janie Santoy: due date--maybe a Friday or Sunday, haven't decided yet; have to decide when discussion and other things will be due first
Janie Santoy: I realize about the reading....any suggestions
Rich Rice: most students party on Fridays...
Rich Rice: to create an interactive class...
Rich Rice: and to make sure students keep writing....
Rich Rice: teacher should do some commenting....
Rich Rice: but to look for specific things and to grade according to criteria...
Rich Rice: can be a lot of work.
Rich Rice: Instead...
Rich Rice: perhaps a credit/no-credit system
Rich Rice: or, credit/partial/no-credit
Rich Rice: based on "substantive" commentary
Rich Rice: so, maybe either 100, 70, or 0 or something like that
Rich Rice: then decide if you will accept late posts or not
Rich Rice: ...
Janie Santoy: credit/no credit is the way I do it in f2f classes for something like this
Rich Rice: sounds reasonable
Janie Santoy: that is what I was thinking; no late posts, I'll explain the rationale in the instructions
Rich Rice: k
Rich Rice: readings are coming from...?
Janie Santoy: after looking at what I want to do, I'm not liking the book too much
Rich Rice: which book?
Janie Santoy: which is a problem I have with it
Janie Santoy: Wyrick
Rich Rice: (annotated bib might be a little early)
Rich Rice: steps
Janie Santoy: yes
Rich Rice: I used to use that book.
Rich Rice: used in a lot of community colleges
Rich Rice: I should show you the book Marc and I are doing sometime.
Janie Santoy: the readings are not thematic; they book builds on modes
Rich Rice: yeah, hate that
Janie Santoy: which is not the approach I'm going to take
Janie Santoy: I disagree about the annotated biblio;
Rich Rice: will they do like one reading a week?
Janie Santoy: my strategy is to show them something which many of them consider complex early on when they are not bombarded with other things
Janie Santoy: and if it is only one
Janie Santoy: they can struggle with the concept small scale
Janie Santoy: and then we build on it
Janie Santoy: I use the same approach with research
Rich Rice: sure; I've done the annotated bib early, and it can work, but if you do that before teaching things like credibilty of sources, where to go to find sources, etc., then you'll get a bunch of sites from Google and Wikipedia.
Janie Santoy: well it will only be an annotated biblio for one source the one I give them so they can practice the structure
Rich Rice: just something to compensate for
Rich Rice: oh, so it's not really a bib
Rich Rice: it's an annotation
Rich Rice: or abstract
Janie Santoy: no, just teaching the structure
Rich Rice: k, that makes sense
Rich Rice: good as a model then
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: so, you teach them what to look for in an article
Rich Rice: how to format a reference
Janie Santoy: that will come with the next phase which is the research where they go out and find one source
Janie Santoy: formatting the reference will be part of video instructions
Rich Rice: nice
Rich Rice: that can be done very well methinks in video
Rich Rice: walking through parts of a reference with voice over
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: and I like that this is individualized instruction
Rich Rice: that is, if one student has mastered it already...quickly going through it for review
Rich Rice: other students can refer to it as many times as needed
Rich Rice: might put in the video things like stop, rewind, etc.
Rich Rice: reminding students they can see it a few times
Rich Rice: so you survey after each unit
Rich Rice: so the weekly reports are email?
Janie Santoy: I'm thinking that with the weekly reports I may not have to
Rich Rice: nods
Janie Santoy: email, yes
Rich Rice: that's a lot of email
Rich Rice: important that these are private?
Rich Rice: if not important, webct has a very good asynchronous threading message board
Janie Santoy: Message board is what I wil be using for other discussions
Rich Rice: ah
Janie Santoy: At the beginning i want to keep reports between the student and teacher only
Rich Rice: k, I could see reasons for that
Janie Santoy: may change, i don't knw
Rich Rice: the survey might bring you somethign different though...
Janie Santoy: for the other units
Rich Rice: if you did the survey anonymously.... students wouldn't feel they had to say something in particular
Rich Rice: weekly reports will likely be "this is the greatest class ever" type messages
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: worth thinking about--might give you something different
Rich Rice: I liked your notes on the readings from last week
Janie Santoy: I'll add it and then think about administering when it is time
Rich Rice: nods. what questions do you have?
Rich Rice: or, where do we go from here?
Janie Santoy: Is it normal for the review of 7000 proposals to take this long? maybe because its summer?
Rich Rice: yeah, summer
Rich Rice: not normal
Rich Rice: I'll send Locke an inquiry
Janie Santoy: ok, thanks
Janie Santoy: now that I have the design of the first several weeks, I realize how much media I want to add
Rich Rice: more than you thought?
Janie Santoy: will take more time than I initially realized
Rich Rice: are you still thinking of trying to get through one unit's worth for the 7000?
Janie Santoy: yes, I had thought about the component and what could be done but not exactly what I was going to implement
Janie Santoy: now that I have a better idea, I am sure that I will not be able to do one unit a week as initially proposed
Rich Rice: I suspect they'll get a lot easier for you once you design the look of them. Consistency is good. Something like talking head welcome, slides with voice over, talking head conclusion is what I've been doing
Rich Rice: no worries
Janie Santoy: so I need to refigure the timeline
Rich Rice: if you're able to do some media that will show yourself how to do it effectively (and perhaps to show your colleagues), then that is a good start
Rich Rice: and, I really do think some usability testing here would go a long way
Rich Rice: that is...
Rich Rice: if you do a few vids and then use them in the Fall...
Rich Rice: get student feedback on them..
Rich Rice: then work to make the vids remaining for the next offering
Rich Rice: you'll probably gather some really useful feedback
Janie Santoy: but I don't think it's fair to provide students with one type of support at the beginning and then drop it
Janie Santoy: I agree about the feedback being important
Rich Rice: tough call
Rich Rice: another model...
Rich Rice: would be to offer extra credit or pay for response to the vids outside of class
Rich Rice: so, no one gets vid support as part of the course the first time
Rich Rice: but those who do the extra usability testing
Rich Rice: or, get in the grove and create a lot of vids before Fall
Rich Rice: ..
Janie Santoy: will work on unit 1 and then decide
Janie Santoy: have to manage my time carefully with all the projects I'm juggling this summer so can't devote all my time to designing this class
Rich Rice: nods
Janie Santoy: like I said I may have to extend my timeline
Rich Rice: okay, what's next here for you?
Janie Santoy: getting the actual structure on WebCt set for importing docs
Janie Santoy: and then designing the first few pages to see how they look
Janie Santoy: inside WebCt
Rich Rice: excellent; the fun stuff
Rich Rice:
Janie Santoy: any suggestions before I begin on those; things to watch out for?
Rich Rice: well, you will be designing outsite of WebCT in DW, yes?
Janie Santoy: yes
Rich Rice: I'd start by going into WebCT and picking the template colors, etc. you want
Janie Santoy: did that
Rich Rice: then you can use those colors, too, in DW
Rich Rice: that helps
Janie Santoy: ok
Rich Rice: create a file naming system now, too
Rich Rice: like assignment1.htm, assignment2.htm for weeks 1 and 2 assignments, etc.
Rich Rice: whatever makes sense to you, but consistency will help you revise and update later
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: you did a very good job for your presentation this evening...
Rich Rice: thinking about non-scrolling content is helpful
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: that way you know the content can be printed cleanly, too
Rich Rice: many students like to print out their assignments, etc.
Janie Santoy: yes, I have to see how printing works in WebCt
Rich Rice: might have to print by right-clicking on the assignment
Rich Rice: might include at the bottom of each page a footer template of some sort...
Rich Rice: that says something about if you have questions regarding this assingment, email Janieat
Rich Rice: that way when questions come in, and something is unclear for some reason in the assignment, you can revise on the fly
Rich Rice: these are all things you've thought of no doubt
Janie Santoy: right
Rich Rice: other questions?
Janie Santoy: what do you think of icon design vs. list or table of content
Janie Santoy: i'm not sure I like the options webCt provides
Rich Rice: well, there may be some load time issues with your students, but I doubt it. I do like icons for readability... especially if they're the same icons you're seeing in WebCT...
Rich Rice: of course...
Rich Rice: you can provide your own icons in WebCT
Rich Rice: you just upload them online, and point to them
Rich Rice: but, up to you--could use text... you will have other media in there
Janie Santoy: have you used Vista?
Janie Santoy: or CE
Rich Rice: CE...haven't used Vista
Rich Rice: I know there are significant differences
Janie Santoy: have to work through those to get the look I want
Janie Santoy: haven't worked it out yet; too new
Rich Rice: nods
Janie Santoy: will try to get you guest access
Janie Santoy: sometime this week
Rich Rice: I can probably help you then.
Janie Santoy: logins are being automated through out data system; and since they are working out the bugs
Janie Santoy: they clean out anything not in the data system when do an update
Rich Rice: nods; I've been hearing about VISTA bugs
Rich Rice: yeah
Rich Rice: I have a former student at UNLV who called me just yesterday to tell me about Vista problems
Rich Rice: I'm sure these things will be patched
Rich Rice: okay, I have to get going. Meeting in an hour at school.
Janie Santoy: well, I would prefer if we could both access at the same time
Janie Santoy: thanks
Rich Rice: sure
Janie Santoy: see you later
Rich Rice: okay, later

9:05 AM  
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