This course is scheduled to be designed in the summer and taught and evaluated in Fall 2006.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Problems and Frustrations

I am going to begin with the different problems and frustrations which I have been experiencing with the course design.

Most of the problems which the students have been having are concerning technology. Unfortunately, students are not too adept at changing their computer setting so that everything works exactly as it should with Vista. Even when different strategies are suggested, students seem not to be able to "fix" their computers so that they minimize their problems

I know some students do not have much control. They have checked out laptops from school and they need to submit a work order to get anything changed or installed on the computers. The work orders take about 2 weeks to get completed. This delay is a real frustration for students.

Many are wising up and using the "technology issues" as reasons to not meet deadlines. I have been flexible with those students who I know are consistenly having the same issues because of their computers. But there is not way to make one student accountable and not another. Also, because the students share the computers in the lab, I have no idea who exactly is using the "broken" computer.

It is making life much harder for me. I have to keep track of where students turn in assignments. I have asked students to use email as a backup when something happens with the system. It is not being used as much this week as it has in the previous two but it still makes it confusing for me and for the students to keep track of where they submitted their materials.

I'm hoping a couple more weeks and most of these problems will be solved.

The problems that the high school students are having with the computers really makes me worry that the students in the full online class will have similar difficulties. The DE director said that the course has the technology specifications listed, so students should be held accountable. Still, the situation makes me worry.

Having the two sites, the external content site and the Vista submission site, has also caused complication. I decided to keep instructions on the external site but in an effort to keep it simple, I wonder if the instructions should not be migrated back into Vista. I worry though that if I do that, then the external site will become useless. It was useful when the system was not working, but repeating information in the sites seems inefficient and confusing for students.

I have decided to keep most of the content in the external site and point the students to the relevant pages for each particular activity. I will try that for this unit and see how it works out.

After looking at the organization of assignments in the Vista site, I had to reconsider how I pointed to those assignments in the external site. I decided on a numerical list and similar titles to guide the student from one activity to another.

The high school students seem to getting used to the rhythm of the course. Because we meet everyday, designing the course has been quite a feat. I have to work at redesigning both the Vista and the external site so that both are consistent and up-to-date. As I decide on the specific format, this part of the workload should decrease.

All these design and logistical issues have left me little time to concentrate on the development of the videos for instruction. I am keenly aware that I do much of the instruction via video for the high school classes and am considering how that instruction will be translated for the full online class.

I am maintaining a log of the lessons which I present to the students, both those that are planned and those which arise from student confusion. I realize that much of the instruction will be difficult to translate to the distance students. The main difficulty, of course, comes from the time-intensive activity needed to create the instruction in text, video or audio format.

Also, since I have no control over whether a student actually views an instructional video, I am not sure how valuable those that I have produced have been to the students.

I sent out an email asking for feedback but received very little since it was not a requirement. I am creating a survey in vista and all students will have to complete it. Since it will be done during class and I think students will feel self-conscious, I am not sure how valid the information will be. Still, I am sure I will get some preliminary information about the videos from the survey.

My online class began yesterday and I am worried that not all students have logged in to the class. I have sent multiple emails giving them information about the course login page and external course site. Of course, they may have gone to the external site but I have no way to keep track of that. The only thing I can keep track of is if they log in to the Vista site.

I know it is a little early to get worried. One student commented that she is not used to working in an online class which has deadlines. I am not sure exactly what she means since all of the classes which I have found do use deadlines. I did email the students today asking them if they had questions or problems and reinterating the login information. I figure the next step will be to telephone them if they have not loggin in within the next couple of days. Have to seek some feedback on this one.


Blogger Rich said...

September 7th chat:

Show Recent Messages (F3)

Janie Santoy is using a different version of AT&T Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Certain features may be unavailable.

Janie Santoy: HI!
Janie Santoy: How are you doing today?
Rich Rice: morning, well thanks
Rich Rice: so, how's your work going? I just mailed you a book.
Rich Rice: might get there tomorrow or Mondya.
Janie Santoy: well, I'm not having any dull moments; I can tell you that
Janie Santoy: btw I forgot about the grant writing book; still need it?
Rich Rice: good; dull moments are unbearable.
Rich Rice: nope, found what I need there, thanks.
Janie Santoy: ok, good. I really hate lending out my books. Don't know how you do it...
Rich Rice: I've found that if I need a book, I can buy it again.
Rich Rice: I'm in a position now to spread the wealth a little.
Rich Rice:
Janie Santoy: need some feedback, recommendations
Janie Santoy: students in online class beginning this week
Janie Santoy: having problems with logins and access as expected
Janie Santoy: but most not contacting me
Janie Santoy: I have sent several emails, most recent one yesterday
Rich Rice: well, paintasking, but one strategy is phone calls
Janie Santoy: I am telephoning them today...
Rich Rice: check off each one as they get in, etc.
Janie Santoy: did one already
Rich Rice: yeah; it does help to make calss--students appreciate that, and then they think "wow, this is really important"
Rich Rice: and, they're sometimes a little embarrassed that you've had to call
Rich Rice: so they try a little harder
Janie Santoy: Well I have seven out of 20
Janie Santoy: so I think I should try something
Rich Rice: 7 who need calls?
Janie Santoy: yes
Rich Rice: yeah, I'd say that's about right with new software
Rich Rice: another thing is mandate replies in email
Rich Rice: maybe tie them to attendence...
Rich Rice: maybe say "I reply to email within 2 business day, and I expect students to reply to my messages within 2 days as well.
Rich Rice: dunno, what do you think>?
Janie Santoy: I think I will try the phone calls and then see what develops
Janie Santoy: another thing is deadlines
Janie Santoy: I think we spoke about this before
Janie Santoy: but the ITV classes are very different
Janie Santoy: we meet every day
Janie Santoy: very intense for them and for me
Janie Santoy: but the plan I've set up to take them through the process of essay writing
Janie Santoy: works with all those meetings
Janie Santoy: but will probably have to change that for online
Rich Rice: nods; yes, every day would be hard to expect for students online
Janie Santoy: I have material due 2-3 times a week
Janie Santoy: is that reasonable
Janie Santoy: shoudl I scale it down to once a week?
Rich Rice: 2-3 for online?
Janie Santoy: yes
Rich Rice: we typically do 3 in our program, but they also meet once a week and go over it
Rich Rice: I think two is reasonable
Rich Rice: but, make them the same days every week if possible
Rich Rice: if there's something due every W and Su, for instance, routine develops
Rich Rice: and that's half the battle
Janie Santoy: right, consistency helps
Rich Rice: could go with 3 per week, but that would be pressing it. Still, could work.
Rich Rice: Axia College (U Phoenix) does 2
Janie Santoy: one student mentioned she wasn't used to deadlines in online classes
Janie Santoy: that seems hard to believe...
Janie Santoy: do any work that way
Rich Rice: yeah, that seems bogus
Rich Rice: must have assignments
Rich Rice: must have deadlines
Janie Santoy: ok, so I have to go back and build consistency in the deadlines
Janie Santoy: don't think I have that
Rich Rice: makes it easier for you, too
Janie Santoy: and I'll cut back to 2
Janie Santoy: yes, I can see how that works
Janie Santoy: keeping up with the grading inthe ITV classes has been difficult
Rich Rice: every day; yikes
Rich Rice: how long?
Rich Rice: 9 weeks?
Janie Santoy: haven't figured out the best wayt o use the grading tool yet
Janie Santoy: 9 weeks, yes
Rich Rice: nods
Rich Rice: yeah, that's pretty intense
Janie Santoy: I have to go back and build each formula every time I add an assignment
Janie Santoy: or
Rich Rice: yikes
Janie Santoy: have students see a very low grade
Rich Rice: which they'll scream about
Janie Santoy: averages out no grades as zeros
Janie Santoy: yup
Rich Rice: so, this is because you haven't entered them in already for the entire course?
Janie Santoy: right
Janie Santoy: I have know each one, how much it is worth and then build the formula
Rich Rice: yeah, hard to plan ahead, but it would probably go more smoothly if you had them all in--if possible
Janie Santoy: the formula has to be built a certain way for it to work
Janie Santoy: haven't figured out the best way
Rich Rice: ah
Janie Santoy: have to ask others to see how they are doing it
Rich Rice: sorry, unfamiliar with it
Rich Rice: oh, this is probably somehting you're doing...
Rich Rice: but use lots of positive feedback publically
Rich Rice: that is, "Thanks, Clare, for replying so quickly to your message."
Rich Rice: stuff like that
Rich Rice: works wonders
Janie Santoy: I have posted up the rest of my units
Janie Santoy: in the blog
Janie Santoy: and some updates
Rich Rice: k, just today?
Janie Santoy: have not had much tiem to work on videos
Janie Santoy: last night
Rich Rice: k. I'll take a look today.
Rich Rice: can't access now for some reason
Janie Santoy: I worked on one which I have questions about
Janie Santoy: I downloaded a Purdue OWL powerpoint a while back, last year I think
Rich Rice: ah, just came up
Rich Rice: strange
Rich Rice: took about a min
Janie Santoy: and I've used it for a video
Janie Santoy: but not sure about rights issues
Janie Santoy: I also linked to their site
Janie Santoy: directly for students to view ppt
Rich Rice: those handouts are fair use, but they like references (links, like you did)
Janie Santoy: but thought the video would be different
Janie Santoy: how does that work
Janie Santoy: I did not alter the presentation, used their notes, etc.
Rich Rice: same, really; but, you might email Tammy Conard-Salvo (director of Purdue's OWL, and former TTU grad student)
Janie Santoy: but did make it a video
Rich Rice: same though, really
Rich Rice: yeah, they won't care
Rich Rice: just include the reference URL
Janie Santoy: does a streaming video count as a "broadcast"
Rich Rice: depends; it is a broadcast, but not one for money or "scheduled"
Rich Rice: plus, you're doing it for educational purposes
Rich Rice: falls under fair use
Janie Santoy: ok, just wanted to make sure
Rich Rice: nods
Rich Rice: I'm sure Tammy would appreciate seeing innovative uses of their handouts though
Rich Rice: so, feel free to email her
Janie Santoy: I will
Rich Rice:
Rich Rice:
Rich Rice: shall we talk about something in your blog?
Janie Santoy: anything specific?
Rich Rice: (you've been busy there!)
Janie Santoy: feeling guilty about not keeping updated
Janie Santoy: know I will forget if I dont' document
Rich Rice: any problems/frustrations in addition to those we've talked about?
Rich Rice: nods
Janie Santoy: but having trouble keeping up
Janie Santoy: no more of the same
Rich Rice: have you visited the sites where the students are?
Rich Rice: the hs students
Janie Santoy: no
Janie Santoy: and don't want to
Janie Santoy: that is before you suggest it
Rich Rice:
Rich Rice: I've always found that helpful, for myself, to see and test their technology.
Rich Rice: could have surveys regarding the videos... if you're concerned they're not watching
Rich Rice: or, better yet, at the end...
Rich Rice: put a "email me 3 things you learned from this vid you didn't know"
Rich Rice: if they don't email, then they haven't watched
Janie Santoy: hmm...hadn't thought of that
Janie Santoy: require something...
Rich Rice: nods
Janie Santoy: yes, students seem to need that...
Rich Rice: like, login... do a blog entry... something
Rich Rice: yeah, hs students more so than others
Janie Santoy: btw, how can I add a pause button to the videos
Janie Santoy: when I create them I don't see an option
Janie Santoy: just a play and stop
Rich Rice: students should be able to either hit spacebar to pause, or right-click pause...
Rich Rice: or hit play again
Janie Santoy: right click pauses the video?
Rich Rice: when it's playing and you hit play that pauses, I believe
Janie Santoy: I've tried and it just replays
Rich Rice: right click > pause (there should be some option).
Rich Rice: which vid?
Rich Rice: URL?
Rich Rice: man, something's up with my Internet methinks. Can't get into the streaming server now
Rich Rice: yeah, looks like it's down
Rich Rice: oh, nevermind
Rich Rice: needed vpn
Rich Rice: so, when I look at
Janie Santoy: right how can I pause that
Rich Rice: ctrl-p
Rich Rice: when the vid is the active window
Janie Santoy: but how do students know that
Rich Rice: or Play > Pause
Janie Santoy: I didn't
Janie Santoy: but the pause button sometimes doesn't show
Rich Rice: Yeah, I suppose if it's important, you'll have to tell them. If in Windows Media Player, the Play turns to a II pause button
Janie Santoy: It didn't when I was showing it to them
Janie Santoy: the play was greyed out
Janie Santoy: no pause button
Rich Rice: was the vid embedded in a page?
Janie Santoy: so was it the computer
Janie Santoy: no I've done them all the same
Rich Rice: might make sure computer has version 10...
Rich Rice: so, it opens in media player?
Rich Rice: maybe Play > Pause or ctrl-p the best bet
Janie Santoy: well, that answers one of my questions
Rich Rice: or right click > pause
Rich Rice: nice vid, btw, this annotated one
Rich Rice: clear
Rich Rice: you're getting good
Janie Santoy: I don't get a right click > pause
Rich Rice: you're trying to right-click on the screen?
Janie Santoy: I shouldn't?
Rich Rice: you should
Rich Rice: like where it says writing an annotated bib
Janie Santoy: I dont get right click > paude
Janie Santoy: pause
Rich Rice: ah, maybe it has to be in full screen mode first
Rich Rice: do this.
Janie Santoy: I get show video, video screen
Rich Rice: on the vid, to an alt-enter
Rich Rice: should make it full screen
Rich Rice: then you have the right-click pause
Janie Santoy: I get it now
Janie Santoy: ok, it works
Rich Rice: and pause button at bottom
Rich Rice: I don't think you can tag to auto-open full-screen through html
Janie Santoy: another question...
Rich Rice: sure
Janie Santoy: I'm thinking about working on a microstudy concerning video
Janie Santoy: read an article about cinematography techniques applied to tech comm
Janie Santoy: published last year sometime
Janie Santoy: anyway...
Janie Santoy: one technique is pacing
Rich Rice: ah, would love to read that
Janie Santoy: author claims pacing helps viewer to understand what is important
Rich Rice: nods
Rich Rice: that would make sense
Janie Santoy: the longer something stays on the screen the more importnat it becomes in viewers mind
Rich Rice: you've slowed down a lot, btw
Janie Santoy: makes sense intuitively
Janie Santoy: but no evidence to support his claim
Janie Santoy: at least not in his article
Rich Rice: might look to mass comm for that
Rich Rice: tv-newscasting
Rich Rice: look at sage publishers
Rich Rice: they have a lot of mass comm
Janie Santoy: so I wonder how it would work in a short instructional video
Rich Rice: well, one thing I've notices
Rich Rice: noticed
Rich Rice: is
Rich Rice: you include ppts with bullets that populate as you talk
Rich Rice: another strategy would be like what I do
Rich Rice: put three bullets up and talk about all at once
Rich Rice: longer on screen
Rich Rice: not sure which is more effective
Janie Santoy: but then viewer is reading and not paying attention to what you are saying
Janie Santoy: that would be my hypothesis : )
Janie Santoy: I know I don't know either
Rich Rice: nods; very well could be--I think there's logic in your approach
Janie Santoy: I'm trying both
Janie Santoy: but have no idea which one is better
Rich Rice: I think repetition is useful too
Rich Rice: or bold the MAIN word in each line
Rich Rice: then repeat the one word later
Rich Rice: MAIN
Rich Rice: right?
Janie Santoy: yes, but those are rhetorical strategies
Janie Santoy: I wonder about pacing
Janie Santoy: to concentrate on that for microstudy
Rich Rice: yeah, that'd be interesting
Janie Santoy: what do you think?
Janie Santoy: my concern then...
Rich Rice: you'd have to create two different videos, and then question viewers on retention
Rich Rice: maybe immediately after, and maybe a week or a month after
Rich Rice: making sure they only watch the vid once
Rich Rice: would be interesting
Janie Santoy: only have two weeks for this; lets not get too ambitious here
Rich Rice:
Rich Rice: certainly there are studies
Rich Rice: look up "pacing in the shooting and editing of a television news story"
Rich Rice:
Rich Rice: "video pacing"
Janie Santoy: I'm wondering about content; how to test retention based on pacing and not previous knowledge
Janie Santoy: that is going to be difficult
Rich Rice: well, you'd have to randomly select a good number of participants
Rich Rice: to statistically justify
Rich Rice: equal previous knowledge
Rich Rice: another related thing here...
Rich Rice: including music
Rich Rice: that climaxes or paces with the content
Rich Rice: so, the main bullet comes in right when a good part in the music comes up
Rich Rice: might help memory
Rich Rice: mnemonic
Janie Santoy: but what do you consider "good"
Rich Rice: that's relative I suppose, but maybe a shift from relatively silent to loud, vice-versa, maybe the chorus (people remember choruses, so maybe they'll associate the content with the chorus)
Janie Santoy: I'm trying to keep it simple
Janie Santoy: trying to remember your motto
Rich Rice: indeed
Rich Rice: yeah, these are theoreticals for now
Janie Santoy: For next week, I'd like to return to the UDL principles
Janie Santoy: I included a blog post on the scaffolding that I am trying to build in to the lessons
Janie Santoy: units
Rich Rice: exciting
Rich Rice: yeah, that's good thinking, Janie
Janie Santoy: and then of the course the videos are based on the UDL principles
Janie Santoy: but not sure if I should be doing more with that
Janie Santoy: maybe stuff I haven't considered yet
Rich Rice: k, up to you. I see this whole process as a venture into new territory
Rich Rice: if you've ventured down a path, probably better to find new paths, too, rather than keep refining the one path
Rich Rice: that will come with the more you teach the course
Rich Rice: okay, I'll save the chat in one of your blog posts.
Janie Santoy: thanks

12:09 PM  
Blogger Rich said...


My eyes are drawn immediately to the animated graphic. Typically, animated graphics aren’t so good. Get old, quick. There are elements of business on your page that could be simplified…but part of that is WebCT’s “look.” Another strategy would be a pop-up, perhaps, like a special Share What You Know screen that pops up when you access the main page. But, it works. You know me; I think there’s a level of informally that should be there. Enticing. Makes you human as an online teacher. I like your grammar resources, the reading resources, and the media resources; good distinction between types.

- Streaming mp3 is the same concept as streaming wmv; it downloads while it plays, shortening the appearance of download time. Won’t work on our server unless you make the mp3 a wmv, which is easy enough to do. You can have audio without video. If the mp3s are large, streaming is better. If under, say, a meg or maybe even two, if students have high speed, not really a problem to download regularly. Might embed sounds, too, in webpages. That is, look up [embed]. You can get a mp3 loading as someone accesses a page, then when he/she wants to play it, it’s half-way downloaded. The play bar is done with embed. Don’t need a graphic—built in to HTML.

- Size of screen can be done with javascript and/or CSS. Your link might look like this:

[a href="javascript:open_window('blog1.htm')"]blog-1[/a]

Then, also, toward the top of your page in [HEAD], you need something like this:

function open_window(url) {
mywin =,"PinViewer",'toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,width=400,height=300');

You see the width and height tags.


From: Santoy, Janie
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 5:38 PM
To: Rice, R
Subject: Trying something


In the spirit of moving forward (maybe just a bit), I worked on something today.

I'm sure you won't miss the addition.

1. What is the difference between a streaming mp3 and one which isn't? I guess my real question is what is better? I plan on these to be short; maybe a minute or so.

2. How can I get the new window to open smaller? I would like to not get a new window at all, but to stay on the page so the student can follow along but if not possible, a small window would be less intrusive.

What I would really like is to have a play/pause/stop button on the page (instead of the lecturing teacher). THe key is for the mp3 to load and play without going into the new page.

I have also seen pages that have a play-bar (don't know what the correct term is) that moves as the audio file is playing.

3. What do you think? Can you help me design that on the page? I tried to find free art which I could associate with the sound and this is what I found so far.

THe talking teacher is cute (whimsy never hurt anyone), but I don't think it goes with the formality of the rest of the page.

I'd like to hear your ideas.



8:02 PM  
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